Areas of expertise

We operate in four different areas that complement each other.


Audiovisual market is growing rapidly and it reserves promising opportunities in different fields such as production, distribution, exhibition and training. "Pfeiffer Cultural" offers specialized services in the areas of Consulting, Training and Events for producers and companies in the public and private sectors.



Music has always played an important role in human history; its relationship to image has gained increasing strength these days. From an eclectic approach, "Pfeiffer Cultural" offers soundtracks, compositions and music education workshops.



With the advent of mega-events such as the World Cup and the Olympics, the tourism industry has gained greater representation by contributing to increase the generation of foreign currency for Brazil. In this sense, "Pfeiffer Cultural" offers consulting services, promotion of tourism products, in addition to courses / conferences related to the sector.



With the evolution of technologies, the demand for training through distance learning has increased exponentially, thus contributing to the democratization of education in our country. "Pfeiffer Cultural" offers preparation of content for distance learning courses and consulting for pedagogical mediation in online courses.


About Us

Meet our company and our staff.

Founded in 2009, "Pfeiffer Cultural" arose from the interest and expertise of it's partners in developing innovative and creative projects, based on communication, art, culture, leisure and education. The company offers multi-services in the areas of audiovisual, music, tourism and education, aiming to attend their customer's necessities through a philosophy of integrated and holistic business.

In the link partners you can find companies, associations and educational institutions that were attended in recent years by "Pfeiffer Cultural". A more detailed description of these partnerships can be found in the portfolio of each area.

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