We offer two possibilities of services in the education area.

Online content development

Following the core elements of the ADDIE model, an acronym for analyze, design, development, implementation and evaluate ,"Pfeiffer Cultural" structures the planning of distance based education programs on these five stages based on the analysis of training needs of public- target to be met.


Consulting mediation online

To boost distance learning courses from any area of knowledge, "Pfeiffer Cultural" offers advice on online mediation, using social networks on free technological resources of Web 2.0, according to the current reality.



Some projects that we have already developed or participated.

About Education

Distance learning has contributed increasingly to the democratization of the education process in Brazil, from the advance of information and communication technologies (ICT). Through distance education programs that are structured to meet a targeted audience, we can speed up a dynamic training in all areas of knowledge.

In this context, "Pfeiffer Cultural" offers the development of content for online courses using the ADDIE model, and innovative technological features. In addition, we offer advice for online mediation from dynamic teaching strategies for efficient training via Web.

Daniela Pfeiffer

Cristina Pfeiffer

Founding member of "Pfeiffer Cultural", has over 20 years of experience in Educational Technology. She has worked for 14 years with project management in distance education, academic articulation of undergraduate semipresential courses and coordination of online courses using the Moodle platform. She holds a post-doctoral internship at PUC-Rio, Master and Doctor of Science from COPPE / UFRJ. Cristina is a Specialist in Educational Update by the Army Staff Studies Center (CEP) / UFRJ and graduated from PUC-Rio. She is a professor at the Science Center Foundation and Higher Education of the State Distance from Rio de Janeiro (CECIERJ).


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