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"Pfeiffer Cultural" offers consulting services for the public and private sectors that comprise the productive chain of tourism. We also advises the management of the hotel industry.


"Pfeiffer Cultural" offers courses and lectures with the following approaches: quality in the area of provision of hotel services, ecotourism, river cruises, agencies and operators, among others.


"Pfeiffer Cultural" offers advice for dissemination and promotion of products (hotels, tour operators, cruise lines) and national destinations (states and municipalities).


Some projects that we have already developed or participated.

About Tourism

The perception of the immense potential of the tourism industry in Brazil influences, directly or indirectly, the 53 sectors that make up the country's economy. Thus, the current situation has led governments and the private sector to a new look at this chain. Market trends point to Brazil as a promising destination.

"Pfeiffer Cultural" offers technical and vocational guidance for the development of management models in the tourism sector. At the same time, we offer lectures and workshops that address relevant topics such as trends and challenges currently faced by tourism professionals. In the field of promotion, we are able to conduct an approach work between state offices, hotels and the target audience.

Luiz Marcus Fernandes

Luiz Marcus Fernandes

Founding partner of "Pfeiffer Cultural", graduated in Social Communication at the College Hélio Alonso and holds a graduate degree in Tourism from the Federal University of Brasilia (UNB). With accumulated experience over 33 years in the trade press area on the national and international market, he has participated in more than 40 major exhibitions of national and international tourism. He currently works in Group Folha Dirigida, as head of story Marketing & Events newspaper and magazine Folha do Turismo Brazil, and he is editor of the newspaper O Campista, in the Camping Club of Brazil.


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