We offer three possibilities of services in the Music area.


With a focus in the field of soundtracks, "Pfeiffer Cultural" offers tracks that combine elements from different musical genres (from classical to rock). In the briefing process, an immersion is carried out in the universe presented by the audiovisual product, in order to enhance and communicate the drama and intentions required by the director.



We offer pieces created from the dialogue between music and various artistic expressions, with a vision that seeks to contemplate different musical genres. Thus, the integration between popular and classical, image and sound, acoustic and electronic, generates movements and flows that can overcome differences, resulting in original compositions.



"Pfeiffer Cultural" proposes to conduct workshops and lectures based on a holistic approach to music education. Such an approach has been developed as we realized that the methods in music education rarely contemplate the various dimensions that human beings can and should develop.



Some projects that we have already developed or participated.

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The rapid development of the soundtrack field has demonstrated the great potential that the relationship between music and image has to offer. Conducting a thorough briefing and a plunge in the universe presented by the audiovisual product enables the incorporation of the intentions of the director to the track. Thus, communication and closeness between composer and staff are key elements in the creation of the compositions.

In the field of music education, are offered lectures and workshops on the SEER model, which seeks to develop the following dimensions: (a) Feelings, (b) Understanding, (c) Experience and (d) Reconnection. This model aims to establish a more creative and harmonious relationship between teacher and student.

Thus, we believe that both the musical compositions as the educational process should always be seeking to establish the feeling of empathy between composer / public and between teacher / student. With all that, we will be able to reach the full potential inherent in this powerful artistic expression that is music.

Alexandre Pfeiffer

Alex Pfeiffer

Founding partner of "Pfeiffer Cultural", is Musical Composer / Educator. He is currently attending the Film Scoring program in the Extension of the University of Los Angeles (UCLA). He graduated in Music from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and holds a Master's degree in Music Education from the same institution. He was guitar teacher at the Cruzeiro school (RJ). He has worked in Brazil as a musician / arranger of various musical groups, and performed his own compositions. He participated as a speaker and organizer of various music education events such as ABEM conferences (Brazilian Association for Music Education) and Music Education Symposium at UFRJ.


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